We all have our own story. We all have our own path. Sometimes, the path is smooth, simple, and freeing. Other times, our path is full of obstacles to overcome. We travel this path, hoping to be at peace in the end. We all face countless opportunities for growth. There are some memories that make you smile, and others make you frown. It is those difficult memories, that Reiki can help you heal from.

The stress and emotional pain from previous trauma can become stuck in our body.

This can negatively affect our mind-body-spirit connection. With the light and gentle power of Reiki, you can help yourself try to heal from those traumas, or forgive and let go.

This exercise may help you “go back in time” and gently give yourself the love and support you needed, at that specific time in your life, whether it is a past or present life journey.

If you have taken Level II, you can use the distance symbol to assist in this Reiki Journey. www.reikirays.com You can start by grounding yourself and turning Reiki on. Once you feel centered and calm, you can draw the distance symbol and think about a moment in your past, that you feel you have not been able to let go of. It could be a time where you felt anger, sadness, loss, or fear.

If this is your first time, you can practice with a smaller, less intense, or more recent situation.

  1. In your mind’s eye, go back in time and picture yourself in that situation, as if you are watching the situation take place from above. Once you see yourself, invoke the Mental-Emotional symbol and send a Reiki bubble down to your younger-Self, to surround yourself with Reiki. You can invoke any other symbol that feels right to you, in that moment.

  2. As you are sending your “past-Self” Reiki, tell your younger-Self anything you feel you needed to hear in that moment. Treat your younger-Self with love. Embrace your younger-Self. Pour out all of your emotions, so that you can effectively release any old blocks or cords connected to that situation.

  3. When you feel ready and complete, when you have released what you need to release, you can take a step back, away from your pastSelf. Draw the Mental-Emotional symbol again, along with the Master symbol and Power symbol, to seal in positive energy around you and your younger-Self. Say good-bye.

  4. As you take a breath, feel yourself back in your body. Become aware of your breath. Place your hands on whichever chakra you are drawn to, and give yourself Reiki.

  5. Finish your self-healing session, by sending Reiki energy down to your feet, to ground yourself.

  6. Slowly open your eyes, look around, and feel yourself at peace. Thank yourself for having the courage, and self-love, to heal your past-Self and old memories.

Article by Stefanie Ruth @ https://reikirays.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Healing-Old-Memories-with-Reiki.pdf

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