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Yvette Plimmer

Reiki Master & Teacher…

…with Reiki for over 20 years, mum³, 100% self-employed and independent since 2007, opportunity giver and have introduced people to the secrets of the Reiki healing system in countless Reiki training courses.

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Usui System of Natural Healing

over 20 years

For over 20 years, I have been accompanying and supporting people and animals

16 years

I have been a Reiki master for 16 years and a Reiki teacher for 14 years.

over 2’000

During my Reiki time, I have already treated more than 2,000 people/animals.

over 1’000

Since I have been a Reiki teacher, I have already trained over 1,000 students.

Spiritual trainings

Already as a teenager, I have been interested (and started) in pendulum dowsing, numerology, astrology, tarot, runes, smudging, psychology, dream journeys (including lucid dreaming), mantras, scents, colors, spiritual laws, religions, nutrition, and health.

  • Reiki Teacher Initiation, 2010, Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Reiki Master Level 3, 2008, Berne, Switzerland

  • Polarity & Reiki hands of Healing, 2008, Berne, Switzerland

  • Self Development Spiritual Course, 2004, Rowlands Castel, England

  • Reiki 1&2, Usui Shiki Ryoho, 2002, Emsworth, England

  • Thoth-Tarot, Awareness, 2002, Emsworth, England

  • Reflexology Massage Course, 1997, The Western Australian School of Reflexology, West Leederville, Australia.


  • I have been 100% self-employed with Reiki for 18 years. My last permanent position as an employee was at the ZHdK as a management assistant
  • Fresh Partner RINGANA since 2016, Europe.

  • Executive Assistant at ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Assistentin Floatation Therapy CHI Centre, Emsworth, England

  • Div. Employment in Switzerland, Australia and England

  • Commercial apprenticeship, Zurich, Switzerland, various. Jobs in Zurich, Lausanne, Lucerne.

  • Business school in French language, Fribourg, Switzerland.


Div. Workshops and training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Telepathy, Positive Thinking & Affirmation, Access Bars, Aura-Soma, Colours, Psychology, Astrology, Channeling, Numerology, Yoga, Massage, Spirituality.
Parachute licence, diving certificate (Dive Master), piano entertainer, owner of Extrem Sport company…
For further information see “about me” below.

About me

I am a Reiki Master & Teacher, therapist, opportunity giver and mother of 3 and have introduced people to the secrets of the REIKI healing system in countless REIKI trainings. I work both in German and English, both in-person and online (remotely and/or via Zoom).

During that time, I worked at a therapy center (CHI Floatation & Therapy Center) in England and soon after, I opened my own therapy room. In August 2007, I started my practice in the city of Zurich, and later on, I also had a thriving practice in the Seefeld area of Zurich. Later on, I had practices in Zurich Seefeld, Altstetten, and Affoltern am Albis. Additionally, I also worked outdoors at Türlersee, connecting with nature during my sessions. Currently, my practice is located in the Limmattal area in Schlieren, Zurich.

Before finding my calling, I pursued various professions.

At the age of 19, I obtained my Dive Master certification in the Maldives. Following my inner voice, I moved to Australia at the age of 25 and acquired a skydiving license. During that time, I also worked for an extreme sports company, guiding tourists on trips to the Outback for up to 10 days.

The loss of my mother during my childhood was a pivotal moment for me. It made me realize that while we will all eventually die, the important question is how healthy our journey towards that end is. Is it possible to make it easier, pain-free, content, self-determined, and without fear? This realization sparked a deep curiosity and desire within me to explore ways to live a fulfilling and balanced life.

Since 2016, I have also been an independent and self-employed Fresh Partner at RINGANA.

In my search for cruelty-free natural skincare products, I came across RINGANA, a sustainable and fresh company. Since then, I have learned about the difference between fresh cosmetics and natural cosmetics, as well as become familiar with the ingredients in my products. RINGANA’s commitment to using fresh and high-quality ingredients aligns with my values of promoting ethical and sustainable choices in personal care. Prevention and health have always been important to me.

How did I come to Reiki?

Already as a teenager, I have been interested (and started) in pendulum dowsing, numerology, astrology, tarot, runes, smudging, psychology, dream journeys (including lucid dreaming), mantras, scents, colors, spiritual laws, religions, nutrition, and health.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, that there are no coincidences (“things come to you”), and that we are confronted with new challenges on our life and learning path every day that need to be solved (mirror resonance). I believe in universal laws and that there is life before and after this one.

A defining moment in my life was certainly when my mother passed away at the age of 44. I was 18 years old, and from that point on, my spiritual journey began.

I delved deeper into topics such as the afterlife, karma, the meaning of life, universal laws, and so on.

When I lived in Australia from 1996 to 1999, two clairvoyant individuals told me that I had healing powers in my hands and that I should definitely use them. I looked at my hands, but I didn’t believe in it.

A few years later, another clairvoyant person told me the same thing.

When I did a spiritual course in England in 2002, my teacher at the time (also) told me to work with my hands and learn Reiki.

I had never heard of Reiki before and had no idea what it was. I attended a Reiki Sharing Circle with Sharon (my teacher) and felt at home and knew,

this is my calling!

By the way, years later in Switzerland, I received confirmation from a hand analyst that I should work with my hands and that I also have very spiritual hands.

Furthermore, I was told that I have the “Healer for Healers” line, which means that I am not only meant to heal but also to train people in it.

I was fortunate enough to learn from Sharon, who worked with William Lee Rand, and thus I learned the traditional Japanese Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing according to their teachings. I also had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Mikao Usui, as well as Tibetan Reiki and many other Japanese techniques.

Character Reference

written by my Reiki Teacher Sharon Carrington, England

I am writing in respect of Yvette Plimmer in connection with her application for full membership within the UK Reiki Alliance.

Yvette has been studying with me for just under a year during which time she has completed first and second degree and is due to take her master Practitioner level.

When Yvette took her first degree, it was like “going home” for her. She made an instant connection and started giving treatments straight away. It wasn’t very long before she took her second degree and hasn’t looked back.

I understand she now has a thriving Reiki clinic and I often hear about the wonderful things she is doing for people.

I am also impressed that Yvette really takes the time to understand Reiki. Yvette has also been involved in organizing a distance healing group for a 3 year old girl in need of a liver transplant.

Through her efforts a group of 20 people came together to send energy to the little girl and her family, all for their highest good. The child has now received her liver and is doing well and her family has taken great comfort from our work.

I would therefore fully support her application for full membership and believe that the UK Reiki Alliance would benefit from having Yvette as a member.

Sharon Carrington, MNFRP Usui/Tibetan & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Southampton, England, 16.3.04

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