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Dear, dearest Yvette✨🧚💫💛 Thank you for today …
I was in another “world”, it was soooo good 🙏🏻!
Unbelievable what you have in your hands …
I’ve never experienced anything like it … and I feel so good,
so safe in your closenes, in your room💫💫💫💫
Big hug and have a nice evening

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20+ years of Reiki school & health practice

Yvette Plimmer REIKI Master / Teacher
Usui Shiki Ryoho – System of Natural Healing
Rautistrasse 6
8047 Zurich (District 9), Schweiz
+41 (0) 78 627 77 43

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In my practice in Zurich, I offer courses and treatments. Since only Reiki, energy work & spiritual work take place in the premises, the space is filled with a beautiful and powerful healing energy, in which you can relax and let go very well.
The Reiki School at Rautistrasse 6 in 8047 Zurich (District 9) is accessible as follows:
By public transport
Take bus line 83/89 to the Albisrank stop, right in front of the practice.
Take Tram 3 to the Siemens stop, 50 m to the practice.
7 minutes from Altstetten station, Hardbrücke station, Letzigrund stadium and Albisriederplatz respectively.
On foot
A 10-minute walk from the Freihofstrasse tram stop (Tram 2, 3, 4, 13, 17).
By car
Behind the Yond building on Albisriederstrasse there are parking spaces with parking meters. From here it’s a 100m walk.
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