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“Thank you so, so much again for what you did for my father. He is doing very well again, is healthy, and already full of energy and drive. It is good to see this after such a difficult time when he was in a coma for a week and the doctors practically gave him no chance of survival. You saved his life.

I wish you all the best as well, and may many people also help you when you need it. Kind regards”

Manuel V, Dietikon, father coma patient.
(Intensive Care Unit, Triemli Hospital)

“Thank you very much for all the documents. I am very grateful that I was able to have my first Reiki experience with you. I really liked the content of the course and your open, honest approach. I highly appreciate your knowledge and experiences, and I think it’s great that you shared them with us.

I have already completed my first self-treatment today, and I feel simply relaxed and very balanced. I love the feeling of inner peace 😊. I would like to continue my Reiki training with you. I can’t wait to continue learning 😊.”

Edyta, Reiki 1

“An experience I would like to share with you is my right foot with my ankle sprain issues.

It’s unbelievable. After three Reiki healing sessions, the symptoms have disappeared 100%!”

Marina, Schlieren (Reiki 1)

“It was a great Sunday, thank you Yvette.
I did my self-healing yesterday in nature, with meditation music, in the sunshine.

It was AMAZING! I feel completely light, like a feather…”

Anonym (Reiki 1)

“Already after one treatment with Yvette Plimmer, I felt helped to reconnect with myself and move forward with a lighter heart.”

Pascal S., Kilchberg

“When I was in the Reiki treatment with Yvette, I had a profound experience. Now I have completed the Reiki1 course, I already much more. I never thought that the Reiki energy would work so quickly. Moreover, I was a bit apprehensive about actually doing the self-practice, as one hour sounded quite long to me. Now I practice every evening before going to bed and feel a deep relaxation.

Since the Reiki course, I am much more connected to myself and make decisions based on my own feelings. I ask myself, ‘What is best for me? Am I doing it for myself or for others?’” Thank you very much, Yvette, for these great insights. I’m really looking forward to the Reiki 2 course as well. (Can it be that your hands suddenly guide you and you don’t have to exert any strength in your arms? I was actually startled myself last night when that happened.)”

CK after Reiki 1 course

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