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Manifest – Distance Healing – Inner Child


Traditional acc. to Dr Mikao Usui

from Reiki 2 onwards.

Manifest and integrate dreams/wishes into your life, heal your inner childdistance healing, releasing blockages, solving past issues,visionboard…
This workshop is very intense and exciting. Afterwards, you can work with Reiki in a more creative, powerful, and efficient way.


  • resolution of patterns and blockages
  • cleansing and balancing of chakras
  • healing your inner child / past situations / experiences of yourself
  • Distance-Symbol
  • distance healing using various placeholders / object / visualization / photo / power of thoughts
  • distance healing for multiple people / situations simultaneously
  • distance healing for yourself and various other possibilities
  • Date and send distant Reiki to a specific time (also for yourself – past, present, future)
  • Energize objects / stones / jewelry
  • Healing entanglements and relationships
  • Creating a healing plan
  • Manifesting – Integrating Dreams and Desires into Your Life
  • Personal Power and Inspiration Card
  • Reiki Bubble
  • Using Symbols and feeling them
  • Techniques to Clarify and Create Past, Present, and Future Situations
  • Visionboard
  • What is distance healing?
  • Wish Box / Reiki Box / Reiki Folder (and activating them)

Included in the workshop are training materials and the corresponding diploma.


136 – 170 CHF

Workshops are available either in-person in Schlieren, Zurich or online at a 20% discount.
Please indicate your desired option when registering.
50% discount for repeat attendees who have previously attended the workshop with me.

Intensive / Beyond



To register, please fill out this form and indicate whether you would like to book online with a 50% discount (Reiki 1 + Reiki 2, 20% off for all other courses/workshops), on-site in Schlieren-Zurich, or repeat with a 50% discount. Afterward, you will receive a separate and detailed information email.

Terms and Conditions

Reiki School | Bäckerstrasse 3 | 8952 Schlieren, Zurich, Switzerland

All Reiki trainings/workshops take place in my practice in Schlieren Zurich or online (50%).

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