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Reiki Treatment

acc. to Dr Mikao Usui
Also possible as remote healing.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to think about
how to maintain your health,
as his derailed energy system (illness)
time-consuming and costly to rebalance?

Yvette Plimmer, Reiki Master / Teacher

In my energizing practice, I offer relaxing, revitalizing, and empowering Reiki treatments.
You lie fully clothed on my comfortable massage table with your eyes closed, listening to relaxing background music, and simply allowing yourself to relax. I gently treat all the energy points of your body. You are also allowed to fall asleep while the energy activates all the acupressure and meridian points of your body.
I work in your energy field (aura), with and without touch. I cleanse your chakras and aura as standard with Reiki as well as the sacred incense Palo Santo and aura sprays.

First, we assess your current mental and physical state, and you are welcome to share anything that is on your mind or weighing on your soul. You can ask me anything – job, love, relationships, your path, your spirituality…

Nothing is foreign to me, and for (almost) every blockage/problem, there is a solution and a way. To support you, I also offer kinesiological YES/NO tests, Aura-Soma Light Beamers as well as inspiration and solution-orientated angel cards.

Price structure

Hourly rate is 140 CHF
20% for persons working and residing outside Switzerland
as well as for AHV recipients, students and holders of a cultural licence.

Circle: 44 CHF for students of Yvette
Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

Reiki Treatment

In my energetic practice, I offer relaxing and empowering Reiki treatments.

Sessions between 60-120 Min. möglich

Distance Healing

Distance healing or spiritual healing is the ability to send life energy to a person who is not physically present.

Sessions between 15-90 Min. möglich

Mentoring & Coaching

Reiki mentoring and coaching can be conducted via telephone, Zoom, or Skype, as well as in-person at my practice.

Coaching is possible starting from 15 minutes.

Sharing Circle

44 CHF

We meet at my practice in Zurich to exchange ideas.

More Infos HERE

Acupressure table

44 CHF

Your body relaxes while lying down, as the jade stones gently massage the body with infrared deep heat.

Light and colour therapy

in combination with Reiki or Polarity.

With an Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen, the energies of Aura-Soma are projected onto the sensitive areas of the body using light.

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I have already had the honour of witnessing miraculous
Cures for coma patients and others
diseases that are considered “incurable”,
which always shocks and touches me deeply.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (also known as Prana, Chi, or life force) is used to harmonize the energy flow in the body, while also providing a deep relaxation experience.

With Reiki, we work particularly in the invisible energy field (aura) and the energy centers (chakras).

The task of the chakras is to absorb life energy and distribute it throughout the entire physical body (organs, glands, joints, spine, skin…). This energy is an inexhaustible source that has been used by many cultures since ancient times – in Japan, Tibet, India, and other countries.

Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered this healing system in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. From Japan and Hawaii, Reiki has spread all over the world.

Do something good for yourself!

Find your own balance, recharge your energy, and replenish your strength.

For oneself and others (humans/animals/plants – all living beings).

How does Reiki work?

You don’t have to believe in Reiki or be convinced of it. Reiki can also have an effect when someone is unconscious (as seen in my feedbacks, for example, with coma patients), as well as with animals and plants.

Reiki works on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. The all-encompassing energy will ground you, and if you are out of balance, it will strengthen and focus you.

Reiki balances our energies and simultaneously works on the chakras, our subtle energy centers, as well as our aura.

Reiki works on our autonomic nervous system and our glandular system. Hormonal and emotional fluctuations come into harmony with Reiki.

More Feedbacks HERE

Once again, thank you very much for what you
for my father. He is doing very well again, is healthy, and already full of energy and drive. It feels good after this difficult time
When he was in a coma for a week and the doctors
practically no chance of survival.
You saved his life.
I wish you all the best and may you too
Many people help when you need it.

Manuel V. Dietikon (Father coma patient at Triemli Hospital Zurich, Intensive Care Unit)

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for everyone.
Healthy and sick people / animals.

  • Are you at a loss?
  • Do you have emotional or deep-seated worries?
  • Are you exhausted and drained or stressed?
  • Are your thoughts racing and you can’t sleep?
  • Are you in pain or suffering?
  • Don’t you know what’s wrong with you?
  • Are you fidgety, aggressive or impatient?° Are you looking for your inner centre and balance?
  • Are you looking for a change?
  • Would you like to experience and feel something new?
  • Do you feel out of balance?
  • Are you looking for stability, strength, positivity and energy?

REIKI is a completely natural, easy-to-learn, and highly effective energy healing method.

It is a technique for activating, restoring, and harmonizing natural energy in the body, mind, and soul.

It utilizes the principle that every living being has the ability to heal itself.

REIKI promotes general well-being and can be wonderfully combined with medical methods and other forms of energy work.

REIKI is directly connected to the source of the universe and ourselves. This means that the REIKI energy automatically works in the right place by meeting the recipient’s needs optimally.

Reiki is also very relaxing and calming.
Therefore, one can enjoy Reiki treatments without any complaints at any time. For wellness, relaxation, letting go, peace of mind, recovery, better and deeper sleep.

REIKI is not only suitable for people who are sick; on the contrary, staying healthy would be the most beautiful and meaningful thing so that one doesn’t have to go to a doctor/healer only when already ill.

Each of us needs universal life energy. Regularly connecting with it benefits every person, animal, and plant (every living being) in every aspect. REIKI improves our quality of life.

Before and after interventions in the physical body, REIKI is recommended to support the healing process.

REIKI affects the physical level by:

  • Activates self-healing powers
  • Better wound healing
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • detoxifying
  • decontracting
  • purifying
  • disease-preventive
  • pain-relieving
  • soothingly warming

applicable for

  • acute illnesses
  • chronic complaints
  • allergies
  • AsthmaHeart problems
  • hay fever
  • migraine
  • rheumatism
  • Back pain
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Warts etc.

REIKI affects the emotional level by:

  • Balance
  • promotes the qualities of love & compassion
  • releases emotional blockages
  • deep relaxation
  • trust

applicable for

  • anxiety
  • calming of the nerves
  • Burnout
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • shocks
  • traumas
  • stress etc.

REIKI affects the mental level by:

  • freed from everyday stress
  • better learning ability
  • Helps to recognise & let go of negative thought patterns
  • clears and calms the mind and promotes the sleep rhythm
  • supports our connection with the Higher Self

Through stress, improper nutrition, injury, negative experiences, persistently negative thoughts, and pent-up emotions, the flow of energy can be disturbed or blocked. This initially manifests as energetic disturbances in the aura and chakras before manifesting as illness in the physical body. The aura permeates, surrounds, and nourishes the physical body.

The treatment method allows you to cleanse your aura and chakras,

energize them with fresh power and increasingly perceive them through feeling.

A focus of REIKI work also lies in cleansing depleted and illness-causing energy. This wonderful energy treats not only our physical symptoms but also the underlying causes that lie in the mental and emotional realms.

This wonderful energy treats not only our physical symptoms but also the underlying causes that lie in the mental and emotional realms.

Before and after surgery
into the physical body
Reiki is recommended
to support the healing process

Yvette Plimmer

How long does a Reiki therapy/treatment last?

The first treatment usually lasts about 90 minutes, including Anamnesis and conversation. The subsequent treatment sessions can vary from 30 to 90 minutes.
How often someone comes for Reiki treatment depends on the specific blockage or stress level.

Ideally, it is recommended to have 3-5 initial Reiki treatments in close succession, depending on the type and severity of the condition.
The short intervals between treatments provide your body and self-healing abilities with the necessary boost and momentum to bring your body system back into balance. If you are coming for relaxation and prevention purposes, I recommend a rhythm of every few weeks.

For children, elderly individuals, those who are seriously ill, end-of-life care, as well as animals, a 30-minute treatment is usually sufficient. Otherwise, short sessions that only last about 30 minutes should be seen as a compromise because there is simply not enough time available. This is clarified and tailored to the situation on a case-by-case basis through conversation.

I have also witnessed spontaneous healings, but most of the time there is a resolution or release of blockages (and change usually occurs) after a few repetitions. It would be most beneficial to receive Reiki daily, but in practice, this is often not possible. Therefore, I recommend starting with once a week sessions, if possible, especially when dealing with blockages.

The duration of the Reiki therapy will be discussed and explained together during the session.

It is important that you always decide how often you would like to come, and I can only offer suggestions and inspiration.

Reiki can never be received enough, and if you learn Reiki yourself, it is recommended to treat yourself at least daily for 21 days after the course. Even after that, it would be beneficial to receive Reiki as often as possible.

You can compare it to recharging in nature. There is no such thing as receiving too much healing energy from nature.
And Reiki is 100% natural and energy.

Reiki for animals and plants?

Yes of course. Reiki is not only for humans, but for all and everything. Even “inanimate” objects like jewelry, spaces, houses, etc. can be energized with Reiki.

The principle of not imposing Reiki on anyone applies here as well. We should always apply Reiki with the necessary respect for all living beings. Even better than humans, animals show you whether they are ready for it or prefer to withdraw.

You will never be able to give Reiki to a cat, for example, if it does not want to receive it. Furthermore, your animals will also voluntarily come to you for a Reiki session if they feel it is necessary.

Does Reiki replace a visit to the doctor?

Definitely not: No, Reiki does not replace a visit to the doctor or medically prescribed therapy!

But Reiki is a wonderful tool to activate self-healing powers and can lead to accelerated healing and generally support conventional medical treatment.

Reiki can also be excellently combined and integrated with other alternative healing methods.

I have witnessed miraculous healings in coma patients and other conditions considered “incurable,” which deeply touches me every time.

Perceptions during treatment

You will feel the warmth and heat of my hands and the flow of Reiki energy. During the treatment, you may experience tingling, vibrations, heat, coldness in the body, or even perceive images.

Many of my clients see a light, even though the room is darkened at that moment 😉

Perhaps you are so relaxed that you “float away” and embark on your own dream journey. Or you may not perceive anything at all, as you are deeply asleep.

Many of my clients who have trouble quieting their minds (even with insomnia) are surprised that they suddenly find themselves not thinking about anything and are able to let go and deeply relax.

In this sense, every treatment can be different depending on your emotional state and current life situation, etc.

Sometimes the perceptions of the healer and the recipient may differ.

It is also possible that you may only notice the effects of the treatment after it has been completed, or even in the days following the treatment.

Cleansing process after the treatment

As you may already know from homeopathy, acupuncture, or naturopathy, after the initial treatment (as well as after attunements in Reiki courses), there can also be a so-called “healing crisis” or “initial aggravation” of symptoms in Reiki. These symptoms should subside after about a day.

During the body’s cleansing process after a Reiki treatment, increased sweating, diarrhea, frequent urination, or increased fatigue may occur.

Usually, the reaction tends to manifest where your blockage is/was.
These reactions are normal and even POSITIVE, as they indicate that your body is mobilizing its self-healing powers and initiating the healing process.

It is indeed crucial to ensure an adequate and sensible fluid intake so that all waste products and toxins can be flushed out.

You can’t go wrong with Reiki.

Reiki works optimally for your greatest benefit. Relax and enjoy. trust Reiki.

When Reiki flows, it flows “wisely”. It is an intelligent and loving energy that always finds its way to where it is most needed at any given moment. That is why it is so important to gradually rely on one’s own intuition. Our intuition goes far beyond our limited mind and is, so to speak, the source of our wisdom. When we learn to rely on our “gut feeling,” we always know what is good and what is bad for us and for others. Acting through letting go!

Reiki works as naturally as our body system performs its daily functions. One should definitely have respect and reverence for the Reiki energy and not impose a Reiki treatment on anyone out of pure selfishness or try to force them into anything. That applies to distance treatments as well, which can be practiced from the second level of Reiki initiation.

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves if and when they want to receive Reiki, and we have to accept that, regardless of whether we think it is right or wrong.

Reiki energy is non-judgmental and free from dogmas, and I also embrace that belief.


Reiki can be used in conjunction with all alternative or Western therapies simultaneously, as Reiki activates the body’s self-healing abilities.

In my practice, Reiki can be combined with Polarity or Aura-Soma.

Reiki is also possible as a distance treatment.

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