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Polarity & Reiki


170 CHF

from Reiki 1 onwards

Reiki and/or massage with simple polarity hand positions to balance Yin/Yang energies.

Integrating polarity hand positions in a Reiki treatment or massage is a great combination and wonderfully complementary.


The Polarity Therapy developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981) is a comprehensive health system that combines Eastern and Western healing methods and is based on a unique model of energy anatomy. The goal is to enable a harmonious, balanced flow of life energy in and around the body within the bipolar energy field of the human being. Health and natural well-being are thus promoted and maintained.

Polarity is based on the philosophical concept of Tao. According to this teaching, everything in the universe consists of the polarities of Yin and Yang, which give rise to light and shadow, and from their transformations, movements, and interplay, the material world emerges. According to the Taoist philosophy, since every definition represents a limitation and the Tao represents a transcendent phenomenon, the spoken Tao is not the true Tao. The therapy form Polarity, derived from this philosophy, was developed by Randolph Stone and has proven effective for many ailments.


The focus of Polarity Therapy is to harmonize and restore the energetic and physical balance.

In therapeutic work, disturbances and energetic blockages are identified and resolved through appropriate treatment methods. The mechanisms of self-healing are activated, and the inherent vitality within a person is restored.

Polarity therapy can serve as a form of preventive healthcare. It can also provide relief for tension, pain, sleep disorders, stress, fatigue, and nervousness. After illnesses or surgeries, it can have a supportive effect and positively influence the healing process.

Randolph Stone emigrated from Austria to the United States as a young man. He completed his studies as an osteopath, chiropractor, and naturopathic physician. During his work, he came to the realization that there is inherent healing power within humans that can be specifically supported and activated. Drawing on his extensive knowledge, he developed Polarity Therapy.

Dr. Stone’s direct students, such as Jim Feil, Raymond Castellino, Jim Said, or Cindy Rawlinson, as well as proactive teachers of the next Polarity generation like Mary Louise Muller, John Chitty, John Beaulieu, Chandana Becker, Franklyn Sills, or Phil Young, have expanded and refined the broad healing art over the past decades.

These workshops are only possible on-site in Schlieren, Zurich.
50% discount for repeat attendees who have previously attended the workshop with me.


  • Short introduction to Polarity Therapy
  • The basic principles of Polarity philosophy
  • Simple Polarity Hand Positions
  • Reiki & Polarity in the „Sandwich“
  • balancing Yin/Yang
  • Chakra Balancing with Polarity
  • Giving a Reiki or Massage & Polarity Treatment

Included in the workshop are training materials and the corresponding diploma.



The course includes detailed seminar and training materials,
your hand-sealed diploma for the corresponding Reiki level / workshop,
Access to EXCLUSIVE, my 20+ years of experience as well as the personal Reiki lineage (family tree).

Price structure

You can book my courses either conveniently online or in person in Zurich.
and on request also in Schlieren Switzerland.

My interactive online courses (no pre-recorded videos,
but live sessions in 1:1 format with me) offer a unique experience.
Whether the course takes place online or on-site usually depends on the first registration,
unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

I offer a 20% discount for the Reiki Start (Reiki 1 beginner course) for AHV recipients, students,
Holders of a cultural permit, social recipients and students who work outside Switzerland.
I also offer a 20% discount on online courses for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

I will give you a 50% discount if you have already learnt with me and would like to repeat the course / workshop.

Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

Exercise circle: 44 CHF


Please fill in the form below and write for which date / for what you would like to register.
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All Reiki trainings/workshops take place in my practice in Schlieren Zurich or online (50%).

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