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Reiki 4th Degree | Teacher

Traditional acc. to Dr Mikao Usui

The Teacher Level provides the ability and authorization to initiate others into Reiki
and train them in all Reiki levels according to Dr. Mikao Usui – including Master/Teacher.
This level is the culmination of the Reiki system and means that you are allowed to teach courses afterwards,
but it is not mandatory. It is recommended to learn the Master & Teacher levels together.

Prerequisite for the teacher level is the completion of Reiki 3 Master Level.
At least 3 treatments must have been received and given.
One must be able to draw the 3 symbols of the Reiki 2 course from memory.
The meaning and purpose of the 5 Reiki principles is understood and lived.
If you have not learnt Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with me, please look up the contents in my courses,
whether all content is familiar and mastered. Contents: REIKI 1 SHODEN & REIKI 2 OKUDEN & REIKI 3 SHINPIDEN

This is important so that we are on the same level of experience and knowledge.
If you are familiar with all the contents, a conversation/appointment with me in advance is sufficient.
DATES If you are not familiar with the content, you can repeat 50% of the course with me.

Level 3 Master: 818 CHF / 409 repetition
Level 4 Teacher: 580 CHF / 290 CHF repetition

Combined with Reiki 3 Masters together: 10% discount = 1260 CHF
Discounts are not cumulative.
Price structure see below



  • The course is individually tailored to the needs and desires of the students
  • The significance and role of the Master and Teacher
  • Create your own personal power and inspiration card for the next (at least) 21 days
  • Clarify your questions and uncertainties
  • Your students and YOU Initiation into Reiki Teacher
  • The content of the first 3 levels will be reviewed and repeated
  • Gassho Meditation
  • Gakkai’s Hatsu Rei Ho
  • Clients form
  • RAKU – Fire insulation
  • Rainbow Chakra Aura Balancing with the 4 Symbols (Self or Distant Healing)
  • Reiki Lineage / Family Tree
  • Ritual of initiation is learned (for all Reiki levels) Student/Teacher interaction
  • Insurance matters / Administration


Can’t you find a suitable date? Please get in contact with me.
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The course includes detailed seminar and training materials,
Your hand-sealed diploma for the corresponding Reiki level / workshop,
Access to EXCLUSIVE, my 20+ years of experience as well as the personal Reiki lineage (family tree).

Price structure

You can book my courses either conveniently online or in person in Zurich.

My interactive online courses (no pre-recorded videos,
but live sessions in 1:1 format with me) offer a unique experience.
Whether the course takes place online or on-site usually depends on the first registration,
unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

I will give you a 50% discount if you have already learnt with me and would like to repeat the course / workshop.

Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

Exercise circle: 44 CHF


Please fill in the form below and write for which date / for what you would like to register.
You will then receive a detailed email with all the important information.

Terms and Conditions

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