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Sharing Circle

according to Dr Mikao Usui – USUI SHIKI RYOHO

traditional System of Natural Healing

We are meeting at my practice for an exchange. in the morning, afternoon or evening for 2 hours

  • Practising gives us experience and confidence
  • Experience exchange and self-exploration.
  • All questions are allowed to be asked, and uncertainties are thus clarified.
  • We specifically address what is being felt.

For students of Yvette

44 CHF


  • We sense and treat the aura field of another person.
  • The hand positions are refreshed, and if needed, the meaning of chakras and aura is also explained.

  • Treatment on someone else is practiced.

  • In Reiki, it’s great that we can work completely WITHOUT physical touch (using beaming + scanning in the aura).

  • Kenyoku as well as byosen, beaming and scanning can be repeated

  • You are welcome to share your wishes for yourself, for someone else (distance healing), or any other concerns in advance, which we can incorporate into our practice session.

  • If desired, distant healing can also be sent.

  • Each sharing circle is therefore designed slightly differently and according to your topics.


All Reiki trainings/workshops take place in my practice in 8008 Zurich or remotely/online

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