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Reiki for children

Reiki 1 Course for
Children & Teenagers

For children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 15

Up to around the age of 12, adult supervision is required to continue practising, intensifying, motivating and supporting the content and what has been learnt with the child/teenager at home.

Children are true natural talents and often know from their intuition that pain improves or even disappears with the laying on of hands.

Reiki teaches you to deal responsibly with all living beings and, above all, with yourself. You feel how the energy flows through your hands and how you can use it on yourself, animals, your family / friends / siblings.

Reiki is balancing and healing. Can be wonderfully combined with medical / other methods and activates your self-healing powers.

Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy, from which everything is made and which permeates everything. From Japan, Reiki was spread all over the world. “Laying on of hands” is as old as mankind itself and has been practised for thousands of years.

Do you know that?

  • Are you nervous, unfocussed, tense
    or do you cry often?
  • Are you in physical or psychological pain?
  • Are you restless, aggressive or do you suffer from insomnia?
  • Do you often have problems dealing with others, are you “conspicuous” and “different” from the others and usually also very sensitive to external influences?
  • Can you react aggressively, moodily, depressively or sensitively?

    Reiki supports you with…

    • Sitting still at school
    • Dreaminess to be completely in the here and now
    • Examinations, for focussing
    • School stress and anxiety issues
    • Excessive demands and depression
    • Stomach ache and headache
    • Allergies and (skin) rashes / acne
    • Sleep disorders, anger and sadness

    What do you learn?

      • What is Reiki and how does it feel?

      • Where does Reiki come from and what are the 5 Reiki tips?

      • Giving Reiki to yourself and others

      • Kinesiological strengthening test

      • Personalised inspiration card

      • Aura protection and general protection and strengthening

      • What are chakras and what is an aura?

      • Connections between nutrition, thoughts, health / illness

      • Mental training and thoughts – Positive affirmations

      • Subconscious, mandala, energy and initiation into the 1st Reiki level

    Extract from the learning folder (Reiki 1) for children

    The 3rd chakra likes the colour yellow. It also radiates in this colour. It is also called the sun chakra or solar plexus or the solar plexus. I have chosen the sun as the symbol for this chakra. The sun has a lot of energy and is very powerful. That is why this chakra also wants to be nourished with power. If you feel the sun in your belly, you feel very powerful. This chakra also senses the feelings and vibrations of other people. Some people can really “infect” us with their bad mood.
    If you have a lot of strength and light in your belly, you can’t get “infected” or even annoyed.

    Feedback from a child on Reiki treatment (treatment for warts):

    I liked it very much, I would like to go back to Yvette for Reiki. I was allowed to draw a colour jar from a velvet bag without looking, I drew the colour yellow/orange. The light/colour is shone into the eye but does not dazzle. Yvette lit a candle in the same colour. It smelled mega fine, just like when candles are made.

    I was lying on a bed that Yvette raised and lowered like a crane and I heard Maya the Bee, then I fell asleep. (Note: After 30 minutes of Reiki treatments almost all of the 40 warts were gone, after 3 treatments only 4 were left! GP / homeopathy could not help…).

    Noemi (6 years), Buchs/Zürich

    Feedback from a single mother
    after the Reiki treatment:

    “Since the Reiki treatment I have regained strength and energy, everything is easier for me. The double burden of work and housework as a single mum left its mark, my batteries were more than empty! Thank you very much!”

    Miriam Bindi, Unterengstringen

    Your Reiki-Teacher

    Your course leader & teacher Yvette Plimmer has been a Reiki master and teacher for over 20 years. She is also the mother of 3 grown-up children

    “I’ve been giving children’s courses since 2011 and it’s always a great pleasure to spend this valuable time with the children and introduce them to a new world that they already know. :)”


    2x 2.5 hours each.
    2x Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning


    The course includes detailed seminar and training materials,
    Your hand-sealed diploma for the corresponding Reiki level / workshop,
    Access to EXCLUSIVE, my 20+ years of experience as well as the personal Reiki lineage (family tree).

    Price structure

    You can book my courses either conveniently online or in person in Zurich.
    and on request also in Schlieren Switzerland.

    My interactive online courses (no pre-recorded videos,
    but live sessions in 1:1 format with me) offer a unique experience.
    Whether the course takes place online or on-site usually depends on the first registration,
    unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

    I offer a 20% discount for the Reiki Start (Reiki 1 beginner course) for AHV recipients, students,
    Holders of a cultural permit, social recipients and students who work outside Switzerland.
    I also offer a 20% discount on online courses for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

    I will give you a 50% discount if you have already learnt with me and would like to repeat the course / workshop.

    Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

    Exercise circle: 44 CHF


    120 CHF Children / Teenager
    80 CHF Accompanying person
    20% Sibling discount


    Please fill in the form below and write for which date / for what you would like to register.
    You will then receive a detailed email with all the important information.

    Terms and Conditions

    Reiki School | Zimmergasse 16 | 8008 Zürich, Schweiz

    All Reiki trainings/workshops take place in my practice in Schlieren Zurich or online (50%).

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