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Reiki 1st Degree | Introduction

Traditional according to Dr Mikao Usui

During the first degree, the teacher activates the inner healing channel, which helps to release one’s own energy blockages and develop awareness of energies and spirituality. You will learn the traditional hand positions of the Usui system
to be able to transmit the ‘Universal Energy’ through your hands and activate self-healing abilities.
It is the initiation into a process of transformation. One’s own spirituality begins to flow.
Animals and plants are also very receptive to Reiki energy.


  • 5 Reiki principles and rules of life
  • Procedure of a self-treatment + hand positions
  • Procedure of a distant treatment + hand positions
  • Affirmations and Reiki
  • Everything is Energy
  • Application areas
  • Aura, different levels of the auric field
  • Beaming
  • The meaning of the Reiki symbol(s)
  • Discussion of experiences (during repetition)
  • Chakras, chakra cleansing and balancing.
  • Initiation into the 1st degree
  • Energy work
  • Gassho Meditation
  • History of the Reiki Usui system
  • Beliefs or belief systems
  • Group Reiki
  • Inner balance system
  • Karma and soul
  • Kenyoku Aura Trockenbaden (Reinigung)
  • Children, animals, pregnant women, elderly people, in hospitals, etc.
  • Power of thoughts
  • Methods of healing in our time
  • Side effects and detoxification processes
  • Methods of healing in our time
  • Reiki Family Tree and Lineage
  • Psychological, emotional, spiritual, and karmic reasons for illness
  • Scanning
  • Connection to the source
  • Why are there so many different Reiki systems, prices, and techniques?
  • What is Reiki, what is it not?

*Nutrition, Emusoto, kinesiological aura testing, and more, if time permits.

No prerequisites are necessary for the 1st degree, only curiosity and the willingness to learn this ancient Japanese energy and healing method.


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Included in the courses are comprehensive seminar and training materials,
the diploma for the corresponding Reiki level – handcrafted with a seal and sent by mail – and access to exclusive content.
Additionally, you will receive my Reiki lineage.

Price structure

To register, please fill out this form and indicate whether you would like to attend the course online or in Schlieren-Zurich. Afterward, you will receive a separate and detailed information email. The format of the course, whether online or in-person, usually depends on the initial registration unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Online courses, 20-50% off:
My interactive online courses – no pre-recorded videos
but live sessions in a 1:1 format with me – offer a unique experience.
There is a generous 50% discount for individuals residing outside of Switzerland,
AHV recipients, students, and holders of a Kulturlegi card, as well as a 20% discount for everyone else.
Repeat attendees, 50% off:
If you have previously learned from me, you can repeat the same course at a reduced price of 50%.

Please note that discounts cannot be combined.


Please fill out the form below and indicate the date / purpose for which you would like to register.

Afterwards, you will receive a detailed email with all the important information.

Terms and Conditions

Reiki School | Bäckerstrasse 3 | 8952 Schlieren, Zurich, Switzerland

All Reiki trainings/workshops take place in my practice in Schlieren, Zurich, or online (20-50%).

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