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Manifest – Distance Healing –
Inner Child

85 – 136 – 170 CHF

from Reiki 2 onwards.

Manifest and integrate dreams/wishes into your life, heal your inner childdistance healing, heal wound /release blockages, resolve the past, create a vision board…
This workshop is very intense and exciting. Afterwards, you can work with Reiki in a more creative, powerful, and efficient way.

Hand positions
& Reiki

85 – 170 CHF

from Reiki 1 onwards

Simple polarity hand positions with Reiki or massage can be used to balance Yin/Yang energies.
Polarity is based on the philosophical concept of Tao. The focal points are aligned and help to maintain or restore energetic and physical balance.


85 – 170 CHF

from Reiki 2 onwards.

Mederi Symbols acc. to A.J. Mackenzie Clay from Australia

Reiki Master / Teacher
Spiritual Symbols

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