Thanks for all the infos!!
There is so much, and also, much more than the course I visited. It’s a really good idea to do a recap, I will learn a lot.
I should have done it with you from the start, but (shrug) sometimes you only know the right way after you’ve taken a few (wrong) steps.


I often receive and witness these reactions from students who have not learned Reiki with me before.
It is disheartening to see that many invest time and money but only scratch the surface of this wonderful knowledge.
Basic training (traditionally following Dr. Mikao Usui) in Reiki 1 should include concepts like Byosen, scanning, beaming, Kenyoku, Gassho, the history, Reiki Lineage etc., which are vital for a thorough understanding of Reiki… Then in Reiki 2 for example, one can feel and chant the symbols (could), as well as perform distance healing, travel to the past and future, manifest desires and much more… Then in Reiki 3, certainly the Master Symbol (#4), Gakkai Hatsu Rei Ho and in all levels, of course, the initiations. 

In my Reiki classes, I often encounter students who are amazed by what they have not yet learned or overlooked in their previous courses.
Sadly, many students invest time and money but end up learning very little.
It is crucial for students to carefully consider their choice of teacher, as some may only offer a fraction of the Reiki knowledge or lack a deep understanding themselves.
Trusting your intuition when selecting a Reiki teacher is essential in today’s world where misrepresentation is common.
Seeking out a teacher with a strong lineage and deep experience in Reiki practice guarantees a rich and genuine learning journey.
It is worth noting that life experience and additional spiritual education can also greatly enrich and contribute to the development of a skilled Reiki teacher.

Unfortunately, many people present themselves as something they are not or teach subjects they do not fully comprehend.
This can lead to students feeling unfulfilled or realizing they have only learned half of what they expected.
I urge you to listen to your intuition and seek out a Reiki teacher/master with a genuine lineage and experience in Reiki practice.
This will ensure a fulfilling and enriching learning journey in the world of Reiki.

I look forward to accompanying you on your Reiki journey.

Namasté, Yvette